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Bark Collective prides itself on being the complete package when it comes to all things your canine companion needs. We are committed to providing individualized care for all of our clients for any situation you can think of. Whether you sign up for a training session with Jillian, a full day adventure or pack walk, or overnight boarding, you can trust that your dog will be happy, safe and better behaved. 

We make sure to take the time to get to know each dog so that any abnormal behavior or health concern will be immediately addressed. We’ll take your dog to the groomer, pick up food for them, remind you about vaccines and check-ups and most importantly love them.

We are so thankful we get to care for such an important member of your family and work hard to ensure all of your needs and your dog’s needs are met. Once you join the pack of Bark Collective you will see that we truly care for each dog as if they are our own.  

Join our pack and become a part of our family!

OC Pet Care Training Services

Drop-In Doggie Daycare

If your dog loves free play more than walking in a pack we also offer doggie daycare at our brand new facility. Dogs joining us for daycare get to enjoy a spacious outdoor yard with dog-safe turf where they can run free, chase balls, lounge in the shade, and mingle with their friends. You may drop-off and pick-up anytime between 7AM – 7PM. Half days are a maximum of 4 hours and a full day is anything over 4 hours. During their time with us we also give the pups a break inside the facility to cool down and relax so that they don’t overdo it. Free-play is monitored at all times by our trained daycare attendants. We also make sure to separate dogs into different play groups depending on energy level and play-style.  Reservations are required and space is limited so feel free to call us to get your pup scheduled!

Half Day – 4 hours

Full Day – 8 hours

$40 $55

We offer pickup and dropoff for an additional fee based on mileage

Half Day and Full Day Adventures

Half and Full Day Adventures available! During our doggie daycare adventures your dog will be picked up by one of our dog walkers and have an adventure in our beautiful beach side community! Rather than being cooped up indoors, we pride ourselves in giving your dogs a variety of stimulation throughout the day with pack-walks in parks, hikes on trails, and free play with their friends. Throughout the day, our dog-walkers will be maintaining behavior training standards to ensure your pup doesn’t pick up any bad habits and stays safe. We’ll send you pictures every day to show you how much fun your pup is having.

Then, at the end of their adventure, we’ll drop your dog off at home happy and tired.

Half Day

(4 hours)

Full Day

(up to 8 hours)


$55 First Dog $75 First Dog
$25 Second Dog $35 Second Dog
Includes pickup and drop off from owner’s house during designated times between 8am and 5pm Includes pickup and drop off from owner’s house
Dog stays with the walker for pack walks the entire time Dog stays with the walker for pack walks the entire time

Pick up and drop off prices are included

Pack Walks

Let us walk your dog to better behavior! Our one-hour pack-walk gets your dog out and on the move with their friends. Our walks encourage appropriate interaction and socialization in a safe and structured environment to exercise both a dog’s mind and body.

We love getting your dog the sufficient exercise he needs while focusing on a healthy pack mentality and building a bond with other furry friends. Our walkers are trained in dog behavior modification and are constantly practicing positive verbal commands and positive reinforcement to keep the pack engaged and stimulated. 

Pack walks are a great way for your dog to become more socialized and comfortable while exposing them to new sights and sounds. Sign up to see how our walks can enrich you and your dog’s lives!

1 Hour

$40 First Dog
$15 Second Dog

Pick up and drop off prices from owner’s house are included

Drive times to and from the walking location are not included in the our long pack walks so please expect your dog to be out for closer to 1.5 hours



Pick-Up Time 

Return Time 

Morning Walk  8:15 – 9:30 AM  10:00 – 11:00 AM 
Mid Day Walk  10:30 – 11:30 AM  12 PM – 1:00PM 
Morning Half Day  8 AM – 9:30 AM   12PM – 1:30 PM 
Afternoon Half Day  10:30 AM – 11:30 AM 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Full Day 7:45 AM – 9:30 AM  3:30 PM – 4:30 PM 

Overnight Boarding 


If you are heading out of town, let Bark Collective take care of your pup! When your dog stays with us, they will stay in private rooms with comfy beds so that they always feel at home. During the day, your pup will spend most of the time outside enjoying free play in our spacious yard where they can run, play and mingle with their friends. The rooms are climate controlled and have memory foam mattresses and are plenty big to board multiple dogs from the same family. 

We believe in creating a loving bond with each one of our animals, ensuring that they always feel comfortable and happy while you’re away. Safety of our dogs is of utmost importance, because of this we ask that you are signed up for one of our services so that your dog is well integrated into our Bark Collective family. We do not accept last minute reservations for dogs that have not been introduced to our pack. Happy traveling!

24 Hours of Care

$100 First Dog
$65 Second Dog

Pick up and drop off will be charged $10-20 each way based on mileage from Bark Collective. Early pickups and last minute cancellations will still be charged the overnight price.

After 24 hours

1-3 hours: $20

3-5 hours: $40 (half day)

5+ hours: $55 (full day)

Dog Grooming


Whether your dog has had a long week of pack-walks or adventures, Bark Collective understands the importance of a clean dog.

We offer in-house bathing services for pups signed up for daycare with us. Baths are scheduled during our normal daycare schedule so that your pup will get their normal exercise and socialization and still come home smelling great. Add-on services such as nail trims, sanitary trims, ear cleans, and anal gland expression are also available. Pricing is based on size and hair length. 

Our bath days fill up fast, sign up today!

Private Training

Whether your dog suffers from behavioral issues, on-leash reactiveness, or just needs basic obedience training, we’re here to help! We understand that each dog is unique, which is why we focus on creating a training program specifically designed around you and your dogs needs. Your dog is one of a kind, their training program should be too! 

Using positive reinforcement, behavior modification, and education, you will learn how to communicate with your dog properly. We create a customized curriculum tailored to meet your training goals and your dog’s unique behavioral needs. We teach you to be in control of your environment so your dog doesn’t have to. Your dog will be able to relax once you become the pack leader!

Whether you’re working on puppy socialization, barking, or more complex behavioral issues, we will be there to support and guide you every step of the way. 

1 Hour


$75 Fee for Less than 48 Hour Cancellation

 Call for a FREE consultation to learn more about our tailored programs. 

Board & Train

For owners who truly need an immersive training process. It will begin with multiple conversations to determine if the board and train program is a good fit for you and your dog(s). This option is only for serious dog owners who possess the time and patience to reinforce everything that will be covered during the board and train experience. We take the selection process seriously and not everyone will qualify. 

During the two week program your dogs will stay at our facility in a structured environment where they will have ongoing training for obedience, potty training, anxiety and any other behavioral issues your dog may have. We also include one-on-one training sessions at the one week mark and at the end of program to go over progress and to give you the tools and knowledge to continue training at home.  

2 Weeks

per dog

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