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About Us

Your dog is family, and you want to feel confident that we will treat you and your dog with kindness and respect, while also providing you with practical, effective pet care solutions.

OC Pet Care Team Staff

Mission: Bark Collective believes in creating a fun, safe and loving environment for all dogs and their owners.  Focusing on an all-inclusive atmosphere where clients feel confident in the exceptional level of individualized care that each dog receives.


Our Core Values:

  • Dogs are Family 
  • Positive Reinforcement 
  • Safe and Stress Free environment 
  • Treating every dog with respect and compassion

Meet the Team


Jillian Schutt

Bark Collective was founded in 2012 by owner Jillian Schutt, with the vision of creating a fun, safe, and all inclusive company to meet every pet and owners needs. By combining six years of applied behavioral analysis from her previous career with a love for dogs, she has successfully created a well known and trusted brand. She is passionate about teaching each client how to properly communicate with their dogs using behavior modification and positive reinforcement which, ultimately, changes dogs lives for the better. As leader of the pack, she takes pride in training every one of the employees to ensure your dogs are safe, loved, and having the best day ever! 


Daniel Parks

Dan joined the Bark Collective team in 2018 when he moved to Newport Beach and proposed to Jillian! He fell in love with Jillian and the dogs fell in love with him. With a Biology degree in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience, he has a special connection with each and every one of the dogs he comes in contact with!


Kylie Churchwell

Kylie has been one of our lead dog-walkers since 2018. Her cool and calm presence has her entire pack and our team in a Zen state. Even with 8 dogs strapped to her belt, she walks as if it’s just 1. Kylie is certified in animal naturopathy, dog nutrition, and holds a PetCPR+ Advanced Certification. You may wish she was walking you instead of your dog!


Abby O’Toole

Abby loves your dog! She may love your dog more than you do. The amount of care, love, and dedication to each and every dog in her pack is unparalleled. She will know if your dog didn’t sleep well the night before, or ate something off the dinner table, or has a new best friend. Abby has been an amazing pack-leader since 2017 and has threatened to steal multiple dogs over the years.

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